Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Prelude To Intimacy by Ira Einhorn

Those in the know about the 60's respect Ira Einhorn, radical hippie and free thinker.

Prelude to Intimacy is Ira Einhorn's account of his life underground from the time he fled the United States in early January of 1981 until he met his Swedish wife, Annika, in November of 1987. The story of a renaissance man on the run, Ira combines wit, sexuality, wisdom and a really good time to evade capture by the United States Government. They say he murdered his girlfriend, Holly Maddux, in 1977.

Be one of the first to know what really happened to him while on the run from the U.S. government. Advance copies of the ebook, CD and the hard copy are available by contacting his friend, mentor and editor, James Sorrells.

Here's a sneak peak from the opening of Einhorn's book Prelude To Intimacy.


To The Reader

The book you are about to read was written in 18 days in a French maison d’arrêt. I assumed that I would immediately be extradited. I wanted to create something useful to leave behind.

I had no conception of the four-year battle that was ahead or the immense media attention to follow: umpteen TV specials; a four-hour, three-part TV movie that has now been released on video all over the world and that is sheer fantasy; six pages in Newsweek; six pages in Time; four magazine covers in England; thousands of newspaper and magazine articles in America, France, Holland, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Germany and Italy; innumerable TV and radio news reports – almost none of which (except in France) was based on fact or interaction with me.

I did not expect to have supporters among the highest levels of the French government. I did not imagine that President Clinton would telephone his French counterpart about me.

I could go on, for the list is long, but you get the point.

An unconstitutional law was passed to provide me with a trial that should never have taken place.

A civil suit, long past due date, was permitted to prevent my telling my story. $1,000,000,000 stands between me and many curious readers.

My life was not permitted in the courtroom. My past was trashed.

My wife, Annika, was prevented from testifying by threat of arrest.

Judge Mazzola permitted the entrance into evidence of much testimony that the law normally does not permit. Pretrial, he would not allow my lawyers to talk about the diaries that were taken from my apartment and then turned over to a journalist who plagiarized my work for his own gain, blackening my name, poisoning the public against me, thus making any fair trial impossible. There is no similar, blatant criminal behavior to be found in American case law.

At the conclusion of the trial, Judge Mazzola berated me for mentioning psychotronics, which word he stated was not in his dictionary, therefore did not exist. He somehow missed the over 4,000 hits the word receives when you Google it: you will find an article on me and psychotronics in the number two position and two other articles in the top 20. The first International Psychotronics Conference was held in Prague in 1975.

Judge Mazzola’s statement to me is indicative of the bias with which he conducted the entire trial.

The D.A. has conveniently lost the clothing Holly Maddux was wearing when her body was found in my apartment; they had no blood on them. Neither was any blood found in my apartment. In fact, there is no blood evidence in the case, whatsoever.

I did NOT kill Holly Maddux.

I left Philadelphia in January 1981, perhaps wrongly, out of deep disgust at the tactics of Assistant D.A. Barbara Christie who withheld exculpatory evidence due us during the discovery period. Ms. Christie blew down the pages of a private investigator’s report, doing away with the pagination and thus allowing her to remove the exculpatory evidence, some of which was withheld until 2002.

Five people, including two detectives, saw Holly alive, six months after her supposed death.
A judge is bound by statute to file a Superior Court appeal brief “forthwith.” Judge Mazzola took 28 months and had been in contempt of two court orders for many months when he finally did so.

By then my lawyers had abrogated all responsibility. They are beholden to the court that appointed them, not to me, for their bread and butter. Bill Cannon simply went silent. Mitch Strutin sent my letters back, unopened. In response to their uncooperativeness, I felt it was necessary to file four motions with the court on my own behalf (pro se).

When the Judge finally filed his brief, the court ordered my lawyers to file my appeal within 30 days. When the appeal was already a month overdue, a lawyer friend emailed Mitch Strutin about his failure to respond. Mitch then hurriedly filed for a continuance.

And yet, my case is the biggest these two lawyers will ever have. It is the most publicized case in Pennsylvania history. The law passed just for me is called “the Einhorn law” even in law books. It is not a case one easily forgets.

What is wrong with these men?

I have now done extensive research on the case. I have a right to comment on the brief before it is filed. But Bill Cannon is silent, and Mitch Strutin says he will not share a draft with me. It is my future that is at stake, and both of these men are operating unethically and in violation of their own professional canon of ethics.

Sadly, this is a situation that I have seen in every aspect of American life since my forced return to the United States in July 2001. The buck stops nowhere.

Fortunately there are people of heart, compassion and concern left in the U.S. Jim Sorrells is one of them. He has struggled to get me a lawyer. Now he is attempting to get my books into the public domain through editing, annotating, and marketing my manuscript, Prelude to Intimacy. You are reading this as a result of his efforts. If you wish to remain current on my legal situation, let him know, and he will keep you informed.

I hope you enjoy this book and learn from it for there are more to come, cooked a lot more slowly.


Prelude To Intimacy is available exclusively on line - $25 for the ebook and $35 for the hard copy - by contacting James Sorrells .


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